Bangla Rock Songs

Top 10 Bangla Rock Songs In 2020

Bangla Rock Songs

Bangla Rock Songs: The Bengali film industry, commonly referred to as Tollywood, has contributed immensely to Indian cinema. It has not only been given by the industry talented actors but has also given numerous unforgettable stories. Bengali movies are often inspired by classic novels. The plots of these films are often ahead of their time and leave the audience mesmerized.

About Dark-Tumi

About Dark appeared there is a single Tumi in January. The Bearing enthusiastic assessment, the melody song is an exception to this rundown. The Tumi could turn into a well-known field rock song of praise later on. The Breathtaking guitar-work by Chittu raises the stakes while uncanny singing by Moon makes About Dark-Tumi a crowd top pick.

Shironamhin-Ei Obelay

Shironamhin never stops to the stun. This brand is has been consistently delivering fabulous music regardless of the fall of the sound business. The Ei Obelay song is a lovely stone number that was gotten with gratefulness among no-nonsense Shironamhin fans. It would not be an exaggeration to consider it the best tune of Shironamhin since Sheik Ishtiaque joined as their singer.

Arekta Rock Band-Eden

Arekta Rock Band has dropped their single Eden later in the year, from that point forward, the track has picked up a sign after among the audience members. In the event that, you are an enthusiast of the synthwave, you will cherish this tune. We enthusiastically prescribe watching the music video on the Youtube channel. Ifaz Abrar Reza played a splendid guitar solo is making it a staple piece of the tune.

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The reformist stone monsters Artcell teamed up with USAID to record the melody song Obhoy. The song advances harmony and resilience among youth. The Artcell never undermined their music and this melody is no exemption. The incorporation of Kazi Faisal Ahmed in the band, of Obhoy, is a fundamental expansion to the Artcell discography.

End Odyssey

Odyssey is apparently the catchiest melody of this rundown. With a sharp bassline and alleviating riff, Odyssey is by a wide margin their most famous melody song and truly outstanding of 2019. To make certain to look at Mohakashchari the introduction collection by Conclusion.

Vikings-Tor oi shohore

Vikings rejoined in the year 2015 after a rest of the longer than 10 years and now they are continually entrancing with their heartfelt stone numbers. The band debuted the four melodies from their impending collection Boyosh Jokhon Ekush. Pinnacle oi shohore is not difficult to pick as their best melody of the year.

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Arbovirus-Amari moto

2 years after their third collection, Arbovirus song delivered Otopor an EP comprising four tunes in mid-2019. The Amari moto is one of the four tunes. The infectious the theme is the core of this tune. Arbovirus was celebrated for their showy of behavior and the Amari moto could be the following success for them on live shows.


This one is the main melody in this rundown that is certainly not a unique synthesis. Devotees of the 90s’ groups will be right away perceived 1996 as Indalo mixes tunes by L.R.B and Ark in this befuddle single. The Indalo is unmatched in the sort of music they do. When you quit the contrasting with the first, you won’t get enough of 1996.

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Enemy Ami

Enemy delivered their single Ami song to celebrate the street security development by the understudies. Insubordinate verses and the solid vocals by Zohad made this tune so exceptional. The narrating and delineation of the music video song was finished by Morshed Mishu and vivified by Ahmed Intishar Fardeen. The band actually has the sparkle like bygone times of the 2000s’

Dark Dhushor

The ABC age of legend Black is dealing with their next collection. The Dhushor song is the main single delivered from the impending record up until now. The band actually has the sparkle like bygone times of the 2000s. They simply needed to accomplish all the more live shows to remain dynamic in the scene.

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